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Originally Posted by cfrp View Post
its an entry level mercedes.

they are comparing it to the C63 AMG?
No. I was just using that as an example since I've known people to not spot that the C63 was not just an ordinary C-class.

Originally Posted by booker View Post
I like that suggestion, I agree if Mercedes wants to move downmarket considerably without hurting their core clientele they need to spin off something into a subsidary brand. But then again, will the subsidiary brand sell as well without the 3 pointed star?
Well, we can look at Scion for that answer. It's kind of stagnant. But if Mercedes did that and it sold enough to get under fuel regulations then that's all it needs.

Originally Posted by booker View Post
As for the small family the way i see it is that if you have a family of 4 or 5 and looking to spend ~40K on a sedan are not going to go with CLA they're going to look at something bigger size wise. I dont think the CLA will be able to poach from the Hondas and Fords of the world just because they provide more value in ~40K package than the CLA...
Yeah. I've always said to other people myself that if you spend more than 30k on a car and more than 40k on a large SUV/minivan you're not buying it for value or need. You're buying for want. The CLA is an idiotic car if you're buying for need. It's a car you buy because you want it. Then again, most Mercedes are like that. I mean, in terms of a luxury car with value, the Korean brand(s) are probably the way to go. If a family bought a CLA it would have to be a second or third car.
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Originally Posted by booker View Post

that will placate the masses.
Mike T
Thanks for the link.

"the masses" ? ? ? Do you want to bow to them? Or dictate to them? I'm not one who believes in 'political correctness' too much, but broadly calling people who do not understand cars "the masses" seems to be pushing it a bit. Do you consider good cars the "opium of the people"? (To paraphrase Mr. Karl Marx.)

Please go to your cp and list your location. This is a multinational forum, and cars from Slovakia are not the same as Belgium or the US.
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BBC bites .....

Booker, I've taken the time to read all your posts on the CLA forum. While impressed with your car knowledge, it seems to me you obviously have a great disdain for the CLA. It makes me wonder why you even post here.
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I have to say, that as someone right smack dab in the middle of the target demographic for the CLA, the car makes all kinds of sense. I've been around a lot of cars. I've owned more than my fair share - something that my generation seems to do is change cars like clothing. From my perspective, the CLA is attacking the change in the market, more than some defined "lower segment". Cars overall are just better than they were 10 or even 15 years ago. Engines are faster and more fuel efficient. Materials are better. Overall build quality across the spectrum is better. Fords and Chevy's are competing handily against Honda's and Toyota's in every segment for this reason. Mercedes will always be Mercedes and I don't think there is any serious fear that the marque is getting scuffed up by trying to appeal to buyers of pimped out Fords and Acuras. Yes, there are a lot of ways to spend $35K on a fuel efficient four door car. Its all over the map, really. The big question is 'does it appeal to buyers for the price?'. as a new owner and self-described car buff, I have to say it is very appealing for the $. It ticks off all of the major boxes on my personal checklist for a reasonably priced car: Beautiful, fast, comfortable, ample technology to integrate in today's world, and fun. Nitpicks are easy to find on any car in this segment, and higher segments to boot. There are enough obvious similarities to high-end Mercedes in the CLA to remind me why I like the brand. Everything else is as good as or better than comparably priced cars. If you want a Ford, buy one. I own one. Its very nice. For those who appreciate German engineering and European cars in general. The CLA is a fantastic step forward. It really is that great of a car. SLS competitor? No. Kick the pants off of the Acura ILX and any similarly sized/priced Ford, Chevy, Toyota, etc.? Absolutely.
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