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2014 Mercedes CLA Body Measurements

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Take a look at the dimensions shown on this diagram of the new 2014 Mercedes CLA.
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Nice. We finally have headroom measurements. How do people usually measure rear leg room? Is the 690mm measurement considered rear leg room?
Isn't the CLA longer than the C-series sedan? Being Mercedes Benz's smallest sedan, or what was thought to be the smallest, i thought it would be smaller in size.
I just check and the overall length of a Mercedes C class (230,300) have the exact same measurement of the CLA.

Length 15ft 2.3inches (182.3 inches)

this is interesting I thought the CLA would be smaller as well.
I am surprised it's this close to the B Class.

The New B Class has 1013 mm of front headroom and 985 mm of rear headroom. Rear legroom of the new B is 728 mm. And the B seats 5; the CLA only seats 4.

The CLA has 30 mm more rear legroom than the (cramped) C Class...
I don't expect the CLA rear leg room to be that great either.
It's actually better than the C (660 mm) and close to the E (which has 711 mm of rear legroom). The CLA has 690 mm.
Consider me sold too, more leg room compared to the C classwow. That incredible its only 21mm less than the E class.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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