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2014 Mercedes CLA Reviews ???

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Are there any out there? I know some people have spotted it on the road and maybe some auto journalists have gotten their hands on it.
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I drove the W246 B 250 in Victoria BC a few weeks ago. It's quick, has massive torque, the fuel economy is good, the handling is a lot better than the old B Class I drive, the interior is nice other than the hard plastic glovebox door and lower dash (old B had padded vinyl there)...the CLA interior is identical to the W246. The steering is better than the last generation A/B Class, though it's still too light. The engine is noisy when revved but you basically don't need to rev it, so huge is the torque (it peaks between 1200 and 4000 RPM).

I wonder if I will fit in the CLA - the roof looks so low, lower than a CLS (which I barely fit in the front of). The B 250 has tons of room.
The B250 engine is basically the same engine in the CLA250 correct?

Having a look into the B250 definitely is a good idea to determine if you will like the CLA interior

The B250 is a different chassis vs the A series am I correct?

I would assume the handling might be a bit different on the CLA. Especially with the sport tuned suspension.
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The platform of the new B and A are identical, but the centre of gravity of the B is higher. So yeah, the CLA should handle better, but engine and suspension wise it's the same. The interiors are literally identical.
So what is the difference between the european A class and the North American B class?
The whole dash in this picture looks to be raised for more leg room.
Seeing how the CLA has actually been spotted in Europe a while back, seems like they will be getting it before us. I will expect reviews of the European market CLA to be out before the american ones.
My favorite is the motortrend, you should check it out.

Add your reviews to the first drive page so everyone can see them.
Now we need video reviews and video's covering what exactly the CLA can do and how well it can do it.

I want to see 0-60, 60-0, 0-100, 100-0, 1/4 mile, slalom, etc.

and of course, video comparisons :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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