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347WHP/400+ WTQ C117 CLA 250 running Turbo Upgrade

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Customer just sent us this DYNO video as well as chart. Well done Jermaine!!!


Get yours here: Mercedes CLA 250 Turbo Upgrade by
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You'll need a good intake:
AEM - AEM Cold Air Intake
K&N - KnN Cold Air Intake
* These are the main 2 we sell all the time.

Intercooler Upgrade: CLA 250 Front Mount Intercooler Kit - FMIC by

High Flow Downpipe: Armytrix High-Flow Performance Race Downpipe with Link Pipe

FREE Flowing Exhaust:
Armytrix: Armytrix Valvetronic Catback Exhaust System - FWD *FWD & 4WD
Magnaflow: Magnaflow Stainless Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System *only for FWD

The Turbo Upgrade: Mercedes CLA 250 Turbo Upgrade by

A Proper Big Turbo Tune: CLA 250 AMR Performance Comport PRO Tuning Suite

Depending on how high you want to push it. Here are some nice additional options:
Water Meth: AEM V3 Water Methanol Injection Kit
TK Power Plate: CLA 250 Power Plate
TK Vent Gauge Pod: CLA 250 Vent Gauge Pod

Hope that helps!
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Sounds good, were here to help if you need sourcing on any of those parts :)

Thanks for the list, it has been very helpful.
I'll give you all an update once I get all these parts fitted.

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Sent from my IN2023 using Tapatalk
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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