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4motion of cla 45 and the snow

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Since the 4motion of the cla 45 is not like a ''regular'' awd, how it would help/react in the snow? Can we qualify it as a ''winter car'' like the 4motion in the C class for example?
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I wouldn't consider any sports tuned car to be good in snow, much less a M/AMG/RS car. They're really just high end luxury sports sedans. In fact, even a Lancer Evo and Impreza STI aren't all that good unless the snow has already been plowed and packed down. The CLA45 is probably better in the wet/slush than any other AMG just because it's front/AWD and significantly less powerful and torquey, but I would hesitate to use it there.

And that's not even counting the salt damage. I'm hesitant to even use the CLA45 with the stock summers in the wet.

And to back up what Mike T is saying, all AWD systems are pretty much the same in terms of the fact that two wheels tend to run and power can be split to all wheels (well, other than some SUVs and hypercars). AWD has become the grabbag term for all drive systems that aren't just FWD or RWD.
You'd best be asking Mercedes exactly how their AWD system works. But it should be like all others. Meaning it is FWD most of the time and will send power to the back when the front(s) starts loosing traction or there's too much power being sent to the front.

With regards to driving in the snow, it all depends on your driving abilities. You can drive a Mustang in the snow if you know the car's driving dynamics and limits, and feather the throttle. I agree with the preference of a Subaru or Audi over a GLK in the snow. I chose a PT Cruiser over a Grand Cherokee in the snow because I knew the Cruiser better than the Cherokee and if I slid sideways I was less scared of flipping or popping a tire loose in the Cruiser. The only problem with the Cruiser is the ground clearance. But in general, a lower powered engine is going to be easier to drive than something that produces a lot of power and torque.

In the end, winter tires, out of all the other things that matter in snow driving (FWD/RWD, power, torque, clearance, etc), are going to be the biggest difference maker.

At least that's what I've gathered from driving flat, hills, and mountains covered in snow in Washington, Oregon, Virginia, and West Virginia. Quebec may be different.

Oh, and in West Virginia, it is only safe to drive in the snow if there is no other driver on the road with you within a one kilometer radius. :p
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It also really depends on how well plowed the roads are. I mean, it doesn't matter what kind of snow tires/chains you have on, if there's a foot on the road you're not getting through it. And if you push your way through you engine will overheat in a minute. If it's plowed then it really depends on how you drive. I know people who buy snow tires and chains and they still crash all the time because they have a lead foot. I just have stock all seasons and no chains and still do fine in inclement weather in the Appalachians.

Although I have no plans on driving the CLA in the snow. Not only would I not want to risk any little scrap with a curb (and the thousands of dollars to fix that) but I don't want the salt corrosion.
So, are all AMG's 4-Matic equipped, then?
No. Only the CLA45 and the SUVs are AWD. They are looking at introducing AWD into AMG more, but I would not expect it beyond the C, E, S class. I doubt you would see an SLK (which already has no room for some of AMG's engines, much less a transfer case), CLS, or SLS. And I doubt you'll see an AWD Black anytime soon.
Here in Michigan this sounds tempting...except that, as has been noted, the front ground-effects would hit like a snow-plow...the new Porsche 915 in December Road & Track has deployable, air-filled spoilers, which seem fabulously logical
915 is the number of an old Porsche transmission. Are you sure you have the number right? I googled it and found nothing but the transmission. But I doubt AMG would add spoiler airbags. Heck, most sports cars wouldn't. That would add not just extra weight, but overhanging the front and rear which would throw off the car's balance. And you know it'll get bad reviews by idiots who think they can hit a bank of snow at 60 mph and then complain that the bags keep on bursting.
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