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4motion of cla 45 and the snow

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Since the 4motion of the cla 45 is not like a ''regular'' awd, how it would help/react in the snow? Can we qualify it as a ''winter car'' like the 4motion in the C class for example?
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4motion = VW

I would say the 45 would be a bear in the snow because it has way too much power and torque and super-low ground clearance. Even with excellent winter tires, I think it would not be good.
The low ground clearance is an issue. But I don't think traction will be.

With winter tires and a torque vectoring AWD you should be able to get traction if you drive reasonably.

If you look at it this way. Subaru WRX STi. Lots of power. AWD. Even though the AWD system is different. They do great in the snow.
yep. its a fwd based awd system. doesnt get any better than that for snow traction
there has got to be a snow mode I would think.
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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