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4motion of cla 45 and the snow

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Since the 4motion of the cla 45 is not like a ''regular'' awd, how it would help/react in the snow? Can we qualify it as a ''winter car'' like the 4motion in the C class for example?
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oups... sorry for the mistake with 4motion et 4matic...

I had 2 subaru sti and 2 audi a4 in the past. Right now, I have a glk350. Except of the ground clearance, I prefer the subaru and audi in the snow. I live out in the country and never had any problems so far. Even in 12in+ of snow.

So my question is more if I have the two wheels of the front spinning on ice/snow, does the back one will ''help'' like any other AWD vehicle or vice-versa or if only one wheel is slipping?

Does my question make more sense now?
I agree with mike t about having a performance vehicle in the snow during the winter months. With too much power and torque it might affect traction. And with addition of winter tires they could only do so much.
I don't see the problem. I've tried a prorsche panamera 4s and a nissan gtr in snow without any problems...
I will let you know tomorrow as I am picking up my car, and my winter tires are not going to be in Canada for another 10 days, and its snowing in Calgary
Great! Can't wait to read your feedback. Thanks.
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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