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this translated first details article on the A-Class A45 AMG (A-Class, sold in Europe) gives us some more information to go off of on what to expect from the CLA45 AMG :D

source: Mercedes A 45 AMG 2013: Kompaktsportler mit 350 PS und Allrad | Auto Neuheiten | Auto Aktuell |

A-Class AMG: First Details

The new entry into the world of AMG comes in spring 2013 with 350-hp turbocharged four-cylinder, seven-speed DCT and variable all-wheel drive

Even at first glance, the new Mercedes A-Class is significantly more dynamic than its predecessor, now the house tuner AMG lays still for a few coals: As early as spring 2013 launch of the Mercedes A 45 AMG, the attack on the sporty compact class representatives Audi RS 3 and BMW M135i, which are also in the pipeline.
Mercedes A 45 AMG 2013: compact sports car comes with 350 hp

The new entry into the world of AMG comes with a turbocharged four-cylinder with 2.0 liters of displacement, which offers over 400 Nm of torque and 350 hp offers an outstanding power output per liter. Using a variable all-wheel drive, the power is distributed to all four wheels, which helps the sporty compact to impressive performance.

From the state, the new A can accelerate 45 AMG with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and launch control in 4.9 seconds to 100 km / h, in addition to befitting longitudinal dynamics of the latest AMG-rung but should also prepare on winding roads plenty of fun, and also in this discipline are among the fastest cars in its class.

Prices for the Mercedes A 45 AMG will start at less than 50,000 euros, the AMG brand makes the future much more attainable. It goes without saying, are the strongest four-cylinder engine from Mercedes and consumption well below the AMG models, with twice as many combustion chambers - there are more details on this in the next issue of Auto Zeitung.
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