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A preview of the Benz Exhibition in Frankfurt

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Mercedes-Benz has a 8,000 square meter exhibition space over three levels to show off all its glory at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show. Benz will have 70 cars on display, but the real interesting ones are the world premieres.

- Concept S-Class Coupe
- GLA- S500 Plug-in Hybrid
- S 63 AMG
- smart fourjoy
- CLA 45 AMG Racing Series

Take a look at these pics to get an idea of what the Benz exhibition will look like.

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They won't have nearly as much room at the NYC International Auto Show.... unfortunately. Maybe 1/3 of that.
I imagine that the American car companies will get more space at the American car shows. The Germans seem to be getting more space at the German car show. I mean not every company can use that much space. It is a lot of space for just one company!
I don't think the country of origin of the car company has anything to do with how much space the convention center assigns space. It is how much the car company is willing to pay for the space and how many cars that company is willing to transport.
Isn't it easier to transport cars if the car show is in the same country your HQ is. I know that cars are made all over the world, but there must be something easier about going to a show close to home rather that on the other side of the planet.
Never been to one of these big car shows, but i'd love to go. I just read about them online, but being there for one of the big concept car unveilings would be so much fun.

Have any of you guys been to one of the big motor shows? How was the experience?
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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