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A preview of the Benz Exhibition in Frankfurt

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Mercedes-Benz has a 8,000 square meter exhibition space over three levels to show off all its glory at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show. Benz will have 70 cars on display, but the real interesting ones are the world premieres.

- Concept S-Class Coupe
- GLA- S500 Plug-in Hybrid
- S 63 AMG
- smart fourjoy
- CLA 45 AMG Racing Series

Take a look at these pics to get an idea of what the Benz exhibition will look like.

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I don't think the country of origin of the car company has anything to do with how much space the convention center assigns space. It is how much the car company is willing to pay for the space and how many cars that company is willing to transport.
Yeah that is exactly it, I wouldn't be surprised if MB's marketing has a huge budget to spend on these types of campaigns.
Another pic of the Benz exhibit at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Boy, I wish I was there.

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Looks like there is enough room there to drive the cars around.
Looks like there is enough room there to drive the cars around.
If you could drive your way through the huge crowd of people.
They can build a course. Jeep, Land Rover, and Kia did that in the past at the NYC International Auto Show.

They did leave alot of space around the cars.
The indoor course was kind of lame but the outdoor course was pretty cool. Lots of room.
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