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CLA45 AMG vs A45 AMG

With Mercedes diversifying into smaller segments many were worried what that would mean for the longstanding AMG performance division of the German giant. Well AMG has hit back at their doubters with the hottest 4 cylinder on the market. Slotted to appear in AMG versions of the CLA saloon and A class the 2 liter, 355 horsepower mill is the most powerful engine per liter of ANY production vehicle available, period.

AutoExpress recently got their hands on both AMG variants and gave them a go in both track and open road scenarios. They found love in the CLA and A classes adaptive 4 wheel drive, mighty brakes and pin sharp handling. Not to mention the immense power the AMG’s can lay down.

The two points of dissent were focused on the transmission which pales in comparison to offerings from Audi or BMW, while also finding minor issue with the stiffened suspension in road situations.

All in all a solid look at both new powerhouse baby Benzes

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