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AMG CLA 45 vs BMW M235i

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yes the CLA45 is a sedan and a true AMG while the 2 series is a real coupe and only tinged with M, but the 2 GC won't be here for a while so we're going to have to make do. Besides the CLAs rear seat is unusable enough to make this more than fair ;), plus RWD does even things out hehh...

the AMG puts out stoooopid power from a 4 cylinder turbo but what will the consequences be from running 27 psi of boost through a single turbo? Thats right 27 PSI... most stock turbos are running 12-13 psi. Based on what has been done with BMWs I6 (335 turbo tune FTW) in the past its fair to assume the 2 series has quite a bit of horsepower hiding. Although the CLA out powers the M235i by 33(!) ponies the extra heft in the CLA evens out P/W ratios close enough. 9.84 lbs/HP for the CLA45 and 10.4 lbs/HP for M235i.

But again this is not exactly a direct comparison, I mean when or should i say IF the M2 is built it will feature the same weight savings as the M3/4 featured as well as the S55 twin turbo M engine. The M4 boasts 424 hp a torque figure north of 369 lb-ft, for a P/W of 7.68 lb/HP which should be closer to 7 in the lighter M2....

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Well one thing's for sure. Given how much people complain about the rear seating in the CLA, I can't wait to hear about all the complaining about the 2-series' rear seat. At least it doesn't look like someone cut out the middle of a 5-series like the 1-series looked like.

I bet the 2-series will come bare bones and the options will keep the pricing in line with the CLA45. BMW isn't known to be generous, and I doubt they are going to start with an entry level vehicle. I bet the AWD system will put it in line with the CLA45, but a tad cheaper. You have to be a bit cheaper when you're a year late out of the gates on an entry level car to persuade some of the tight wads to wait a year to save 1k. Personally not a fan of BMW styling. No matter what they do, their cars look too similar to each other. And unlike Audi's photo copies, BMWs still looks square. It'll be fun to drive though, especially since it is natively RWD.
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