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AMG CLA 45 vs BMW M235i

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yes the CLA45 is a sedan and a true AMG while the 2 series is a real coupe and only tinged with M, but the 2 GC won't be here for a while so we're going to have to make do. Besides the CLAs rear seat is unusable enough to make this more than fair ;), plus RWD does even things out hehh...

the AMG puts out stoooopid power from a 4 cylinder turbo but what will the consequences be from running 27 psi of boost through a single turbo? Thats right 27 PSI... most stock turbos are running 12-13 psi. Based on what has been done with BMWs I6 (335 turbo tune FTW) in the past its fair to assume the 2 series has quite a bit of horsepower hiding. Although the CLA out powers the M235i by 33(!) ponies the extra heft in the CLA evens out P/W ratios close enough. 9.84 lbs/HP for the CLA45 and 10.4 lbs/HP for M235i.

But again this is not exactly a direct comparison, I mean when or should i say IF the M2 is built it will feature the same weight savings as the M3/4 featured as well as the S55 twin turbo M engine. The M4 boasts 424 hp a torque figure north of 369 lb-ft, for a P/W of 7.68 lb/HP which should be closer to 7 in the lighter M2....

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So basically if you want AWD, you get the CLA, and pay $4k more. I know what i want
yea but you have to figure the M performance package on the 235i is an option package on top of the 235. Meaning to to option the CLA 45 like the M235i you're looking at more than a $4K premium on the CLA45. You're looking more like $10-12K... Oh and the 2er is available with AWD as well...
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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