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AMG in Demand

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demand for an AMG injected CLA is exceeding all expectations, including the ones at Mercedes. Even though the CLA AMG will not officially hit the shopping floor until September, orders have been taken since July and already there is a three-month waiting list for the second-smallest AMG in the lineup. The Hungarian facility currently producing the CLA is having difficulty filling the demand.

I think a large part is that the CLAs lower starting point (base model comes in at roughly $30k MSRP in North America) is attracting buyers from higher segments as well. Mercedes shoppers in the market for a C-Class or current C-Class clients will certainly be enticed by the possibility of more car for similar money.

If you were considering a fully loaded C-Class coming in around $55k (below the C63) or an AMG CLA45 with MSRP starting at $50k which would you choose?

I’d take a shot of AMG every time, how about you?
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Only a 3 month waiting list? For a new, limited production, relatively affordable German performance car, the waiting list should be longer.
Yup, that's just what I thought.

One compact vehicle I was going to buy, the Range Rover Evoque has more pre-orders than Range Rover could handle, i believe once the vehicle actually released people had to wait 6 months or more just to get their own Evoque.
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