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Amg new logo

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If someone knows and have pictures from the new and old AMG trunk logo since I'm going to buy it for my car AMG package .

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I'm just curious, and maybe it's because its my tastes, but why would you want an AMG logo on a car that's not an AMG? I mean, people who know cars are going to be able to tell once you turn on the engine (or see it try to pass someone) that it's not an AMG. And the average layman isn't going to know it's an AMG.

I grew up in the states, and it seems like that kind of stuff is pretty common. But I never did seem to get it. Though I guess you're not stateside if you're getting a 200.

Edit: I don't mean this as an insult. I just really don't understand the desire.
Thanks for your suggestion at the end I decide not to do it for the same reason I order mine debadge !!! I don't like it even if I bought a cl45 !!!
On the flip side, I want to see someone with a B160 or B180 CDI put a Black Series logo on it. I would get that since that's so far off it'd get smiles. Preferably a beige one. With 16" wheels.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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