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Any 45s on the water?

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or with real build dates?
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I'm not sure how much luck people are going to have getting the CLA 45. On another CLA forum i hang out on there's word that only 350 CLA 45s are pegged for NA delivery through January '14 and something like only 200 cars will make its stateside before years end.

Even more interesting is rumors that US dealers are changing normal CLAs into CLA 45s, not sure if those were just or orders or whats going on.. The post also mentioned a shortage of engines for the CLA 45....

So those of you looking for the 45 might be waiting until Summer 2014....

@eason so today, PICSSSSS. Let us know if your CLA 45 has the door gap issue some of the first CLAs over here have had, keep us posted.
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