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Will we be able to shift from the center console? And if so, anyone know how the "-" and "+" (Downshift/Up shift) will be arranged? "-" for downshifts on top, and "+" for up-shifts on bottom perhaps?

Reason I ask is because I use the center shifter often with my current vehicle (Evo X MR). I looked at an Audi S3 and the "-" and "+" were backwards. The downshift "-" was at the bottom, while up shift "+" was on the top. BMW, Ferrari, lambo and everyone else have the upshift "+" on the bottom and the downshift "-" on the top. I was hoping that if we do get the center shifter that it will be arranged in the proper manner, and not backwards like Audi and Porsche. Strangely enough the newest GT3 has the proper arrangement while the other Porsches like the Cayman has the backwards Audi like setup.

This probably seems like nit picking, but the "-" and "+" arrangement is very important to me. When I saw how it was arranged on the Audi S3 I started to look at other vehicles.
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