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Hi I've seen the following Video Interface module

Anyone wanting the same thing? I'm not sure if this will work OOTB, soif anyone has info it's sure welcome.
What is probably should do is that you can connect a rear view camera to it and other Video Inputs. And could probably watch some music videos/dvd's or similar wile driving.

My ultimate goal is to connect some video input in the CLA Audio 20 and connect this little Android PC to it and watch whatever I want

The only thing bugging me is that from Factory the rear-view Camera wasn't that expensive, so Why is this box? Doesn't the new Audio 20 already has a video input?

Btw got a new link from the manufacturer NAVITECH- We Design, Develop and Manufacture Matchless products.

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Here what they said;

Thank you very much for your inquiry.

Yes our video interface will fit beautifully on your NEW CLA vehicle.

For the rear view camera, you can use the universal type RCA input to the video interface.

Our new PLUG AND PLAY type video interface is running out of stock right now so, we can probably send the product after 2~3weeks later

when the new manufactured units are ready, it's massive sales right now so our manufacturing capacity can not follow up now.

If you have any further question, please let me know.



- navitech-korea
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