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Auto Express Compares the A45 AMG to the CLA 45 AMG

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The Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG and the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG are entirely the same vehicle under the hood. The real difference between the two is the body design with one being a hatchback and the other being a 4 door coupe. Auto Express compares the two vehicles on a track and on the road. in the end you really have to split hairs to choose one over the other.

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A specialist at Mercedes-Benz Brooklands visited Germany to test both models out as well. He said the A 45 AMG was like driving a "wolf in sheep's clothing", claiming it handled like it was on rails. He also praised the performance exhaust, saying it makes the AMG "a different animal". The Mercedes CLA 45 AMG obviously has a lot in common with the A 45 AMG but with a different bodyline.

“The stability and handling were amazing, it handles very well, and as a package it does everything seamlessly. The dual clutch transmission is effortless and it’s impressive that you can get that much raw power, 360hp, for under £45,000. Like the A 45 AMG, it reinforces the statement of ‘Driving Performance’.”

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