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Benz USA CEO thinks he can outsell BMW this year

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Steve Cannon is the CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA, and he is also an outspoken and cocky guy. He recently told Automotive News, "We're going to have a great year, and when we beat BMW, it will be based on natural sales [and] great execution."

When asked if Mercedes-Benz may try to pull some last minute sales in order to retake their luxury sales champion crown for BMW, Cannon said "We're not going to play that game. No shenanigans. We're a shenanigans environment."

Benz is currently leading BMW in USA sales with almost 3,000 cars through the month of September.
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Well, it's nice that the brand is moving product, but in the US Mercedes has always had a special cache that Audi and BMW didn't have. I'm not sure trying to win the numbers game with BMW is going to help maintain that brand exclusivity. Whether or not that is a good thing is a different discussion.

I would have expected Mercedes to sell better than BMW regardless since they are selling those Sprinters now and the volume of Smart cars is probably equivalent one of BMW's smaller volume cars (say, 7-series?).

And what does the guy mean by "natural sales." What's unnatural?
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