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BMW M 235i

3.0L Twin-Scroll Single Turbo Inline 6 (N55)
322 HP @ 5800 RPM
332 LB-FT @ 1300-4500 RPM
4.8 sec (auto) / 5.0 sec (manual)
Unladen Weight EU: 3373 lbs / 1530 kg


Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG

2.0L Twin-Scroll Single Turbo Inline 4
355 HP @ 6000 RPM
332 LB-FT @ 2250-5000 RPM
4.6 sec
Unladen Weight: 3494 lbs / 1585 kg


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Few things I notice.

- From the picture, it looks like the M is a true coupe, which for me is a no deal. I love the idea of a coupe, but to be honest it's too impractical. I'd rather it just be a two seater and save the 100 kilos in weight by dumping the prison seats in the back
- It's RWD so likely more fun just from there
- Unless the M is bigger, I would've expected it to be more lighter since it only has two doors and no transfer case
- The kidney grilles that I've always hated look nicer in this car
- Can't tell well from the picture, but the M looks like it's got a square rear. Hopefully it won't look as bad as the 1-series because of that (which looks like the middle got chopped out)

Personally, I'd still go for the CLA. I don't like how BMWs look in general. Even though generally they are more fun to drive, the difference isn't usually enough for me to want an uglier car. And there's an inherient psychotic fun AMG builds into their cars that you just don't find in M or RS.

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The 1 series to me really just seemed like another girls car because of the size and I don't see that much of a difference for the 2 series. The CLA doesn't get in to that mix well at least from what I am hearing. Overall I think the CLA is better looking an appeals better.
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