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BMW or Benz, which will win the US luxury sales race?

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It is neck and neck everyone. Who will win the coveted US luxury sales race this year?

Mercedes-Benz stands at 245,125 cars sold, and BMW holds second place with 240,139 cars sold. Approximately 5,000 vehicles separate the two companies.

The CLA helped to boost sales for Benz last month as it sold just under 5,000 CLAs in October.

BMW won the title in 2012, Benz won in 2011, but you may be surprised to hear that the 11 years before 2011 went to Lexus.

Which brand do you think will win this year?
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How do they decide with Mercedes what counts in the totals? If you are talking raw numbers, Mercedes should win every year over BMW since they sell Smart and Sprinters here. And I wouldn't put it past Mercedes to start selling their semis here and other large trucks here.

The reason I bring this up is what defines a luxury car in these numbers. For example, in Europe, do they consider the A-class (which is just a simple hatchback) or the B-class (which is a small people carrier) in their luxury numbers?
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