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C-Class becoming more upscale because of CLA

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In response to the release of the CLA, Mercedes is designing the C-Class to become bigger and more mature to distance the two models.

This will include a longer and roomier body, a more mature design that draws inspiration from the larger S-Class, higher quality materials and a more refined ride. Along with it's RWD.

The new C-Class will be revealed in January 2014.

Good move on Mercedes parts or should the C-Class be left as it is?
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I'm sure potential C class customers will be very happy to hear.

Now I just wonder. What about pricing? Are they raising the C class pricing too? :(
I hope not. There is still the big difference of RWD vs FWD with the C-Class. I don't want to spend even more just to get a RWD Mercedes.
Well, since the CLA is bigger than the present C, what do I win by predicting that the new C will be bigger? More expensive?
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