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I drove the ATS with a very knowledgeable salesman. Even he could not convince me that CUE is ready for primetime. I drove their 'Prestige' model with the V6 (325 hp +/-). The bells and whistles are amazing and include a heads up display that has a bunch of different modes. The best feature is the magnetic ride shocks that stiffen/soften instantaneously.

The 325 ponies don't feel like they are all there, but there are strong rumors of a 'V' version with a blown V6, and I still can't get used to their exterior styling.

I have pre-ordered the CLA45, and it will probably end up just short of $60K, plus T&L. The bottom line is that this car would definitely save you some coins, and it is a worthy, but flawed, competitor. Of course the CLA ain't without flaws either.
I find their exterior styling is somewhat polarizing. Some people love it, some people find it odd. But it is distinct compared to the other brands, which I respect Cadillac for doing. You can't accuse Cadillac style of being generic or common.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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