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Carlsson C-Tronic In Stock at

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That's right, we were so impressed with our DYNO test of the unit that we grabbed 6 of them from Carlsson and they just arrived fresh and clean from Germany. Two are already spoken for, who's next? | CLA 250 FWD Carlsson C Tronic ECU Upgrade for 14-14 Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 (C117) - 13W1760250 | Price: $1,895.00

Test Result Thread:

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Awesome, more goodies!
Yeah, we put one on our R&D car with our exhaust and all I have to say is holy crap! This unit REAAALLY fills in the gaps. Comes on soo strong and pulls way higher in the top. Worth every penny!
nice. do they make these for the AMG models?
In development :)
Only 2 left already! Thanks everyone for your support :)
Only 1 left, people are loving them!
Here is a new link to the C-Tronic Units! We have them for both FWD and 4MATIC now! | CLA 250 Carlsson C Tronic ECU Upgrades
How much? Where do i get it? | CLA 250 Carlsson C Tronic ECU Upgrades

All the information is on our site. Please make sure you select the appropriate ECU, there is one for FWD and a different one for the 4MATIC model. Thanks.
Update: The Carlsson C-Tronic units should be in Tuesday 9/16/14. Get them before they are gone!
Take a look; we just got them in!

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All pm's replied to. Thanks!
All inquiries have been responded to, thanks!
Remember these are on the shelf!
Find our page on Facebook and shoot us a message to have a chance to get 10% off a C-Tronic!
Remember to purchase your Carlsson C-Tronic from an authorized dealer. Only authorized dealers ensure you qualify for the warranty and receive the excellent support that Carlsson offers.
3 in stock! Anyone who orders one will get our CLA250 BOV spacer for free! You can check out the spacer here:
We only have one 4MATIC model left in stock!
Add the same great performance gains we saw on our FWD CLA250 to your 4MATIC model, last one in stock!
We just got another FWD model in today; that means one FWD and one 4MATIC in stock!
Want to know how easy it is to install one? Check out our video here:

1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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