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CAUTION! must use the parking brake on incline

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So it happened twice car was in Park ! (gear) selected after few minutes car rolls back on inclined road . luckily was in car . took it to dealer and was told it states it in the owners manual car can default back to neutral So on a hill must use parking brake. what engineering marvel was this :confused:
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Idle neural is a bit more common nowadays with manufacturers trying to make fuel efficient cars. Either the CLA is equipped with this feature or the torque in the small engine isn't enough to hold the car. Either way you should never rely on the transmission alone to hold a car on an incline.

Tony, with your comment on it rolling back then stopping makes me wonder if it is also equipped with anti rollback. Was it decent size incline and can you feel the brake disengage when pressing the accelerator?

Unfortunately, all articles are still focused on reviewing the car instead of the technical details to find out.
If you mean the HOLD feature, further depressing the brake after stopping on an incline engages it. "HOLD" lights up on the display. The car will stay in position on the incline in drive until you move forward.
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