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I was searching everywhere for info on a tuning box for my new 2016 CLA250 4Matic facelift however this forum or anywhere else I couldn't find much info. I found a company in the U.K. and gave them a crack seeing though it was at a reasonable price point. Well it has transformed my car. I have not Dino'd it and won't bother as I can feel massive pull difference through all gears and even loving the louder exhaust popping on gear changes. They claim 265HP & 440NM so for £195 was well worth it for me. Apart from the tuning box I just replaced the air filter with a K&N flat filter. I am also in Australia and It got delivered within 5 days. is the company and if any1 else has used them or after you get 1 let me know ur thoughts also. Is also my first Merc and am absolutely loving it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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