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CLA 250 "Launch Edition"

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Hi I am new to this site, I have reserved my CLA 250 "launch edition" which is due to arrive today or tomorrow and I wanted to know if anyone has seen this car yet? I have read about the options that come with it but not quite sure other than the unique leather seats what will be special about this one. Thoughts and or comments?

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Hey All! So I'm usually a regular at the other forum, but figured this would be useful information for all us soon-to-be Edition 1 owners. I made some calls to Mercedes Corporate and finally reached someone who could give me some better answers:

Got a call back from Simon, he's one of the head honchos at Mercedes Corporate. He let me know that many of the Edition 1's were sent back to the manufacturer to make changes/adjustments to the vehicle. He did not mention to me what or why, but said that the Edition 1 I ordered with the "fixed" parts will arrive in port tomorrow and should be available as early as Saturday for purchase and pick up. He apparently pulled some strings to have my car rushed.

Most cars that were "arrived in port on September 4th" weren't actually there, he claims. Most of them were intercepted in transit over the ocean. He wouldn't tell me what was wrong with the cars either, but that "it was really important for us to make sure these cars are up to our standard, and not rushed for the sake of getting it into the customer's hands." I swear, the guy sounds like Jonny Ive.

I asked him if this was true for other people with Edition 1 orders, and he said that the cars are being tested and sent back over. That delays can run from two to three more weeks out but "They're doing everything they can to get the cars to customers."

That being said - he did mention that I would be the first person in the nation to actually have an Edition 1. We'll see if that holds true - and if it does I'll post pictures with my 5s first, and then with a DSLR so everyone can take a look.

Will keep everyone updated!
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Hey CLAJoe - anytime figured it would benefit more people if the word got out. All Edition ones were rerouted back to Corporate for the modifications just like you said - "recall before delivery". Dealers should have nothing to do in terms of getting parts installed.

The date should be "as early as Saturday, no later than Monday. I will personally be tracking this car's sale." - hah no pressure on my end. He makes it sound like he's giving it to me :p I wish!

I unfortunately don't have a Go Pro, but I just picked up a 5s so I can do some 120fps video recording for you all. Post it up to FB or something with a quick walk through. Whatever you guys want I'd be happy to do if I have time.
lisabenz - haha you're too nice. I actually will be in Miami for work but not with the car (work's flying me out). but I will definitely get pictures up as promised so that ppl can see. I'm stoked about the car. I'm even more excited that there's finally a "Guaranteed by" delivery date for me.
WildBenza, I'm trying to find out myself. It makes me nervous when a particular model gets "Recalled before delivery" but knowing Mercedes they'll handle it properly.

Will definitely get those pictures once I get my hands on this kid!
Don't think she wants to see you as much as she wants to see the car, but I won't speak for her :rolleyes:
haha I know i know. its the Mercedes effect as they say. Your friends are only friends with you because you drive a Mercedes :(
I wonder if you could demand something for free because of it.. you could play up the whole "how do I know you got it right this time, what if it has issues, what if it's a lemon, etc, etc". Maybe get a free key chain or something :D

Edit: and yes, please, videos would be fantastic. I'd love to show your video off on the homepage.

Joe - the moment I get the car in my hands. I'll have a picture posted up and follow up about my experience. Rumor has it that the Edition 1 actually feels different in the drive - at least thats what Simon implied without actually saying it.
Ok now I'm really curious.. different how.. you couldn't have let him say that and not probed a bit. Faster? Tighter drive? Stiffer suspension?

Well trust me, I pushed him. We talked for almost a half an hour. The only thing he was willing to tell me after nudging him was "This is something the dealer could not change if we just sent it to them. We had to individually test each Edition 1 to make sure its up to standard or else we'd be doing our customers an injustice."

I am extremely curious myself. Wouldn't be it nice if we got extra power out of it? haha! :D
What are you planning to customize on it once you get it? New rims? Tint? Any aftermarket programming or anything of the sort?

Right now I'm leasing it (tax purposes) but I want to see the Edition 1's changes in person. I know a lot of it is just cosmetic but who knows right now.

I've had a 2012 C250 Coupe where I had it tuned up. Increased the HP and what not but I didn't think it was worth the money.

My dealer said that the Edition 1 came pre-tinted...and since Factory tints are legal in CA - woot woot. I'd be happy with the stock blackened rims. Probably look into getting the illuminated star up front, maybe clock it up. But I'm getting the CLA for its gas savings too so not sure right now.

Completely understand :)

Star would look sick!! Very nice touch

What's your commute that you're thinking gas? How far?
I only commute about 40 miles a day, but in LA traffic that's a good 35-50 minute drive. It's really important to me how the car feels and handles.

Right now my Audi A6 only gets 19 mpg combined. Highest I've ever gotten on the freeway was 27 mpg. If the EPA is anywhere right about the CLA a 10 mpg jump is huge for me. Esp with the Eco Start/Stop.
Ah, got it, idling time. That would definitely cover some of your costs, plus gas out there probably costs a lot more than here in NY. Plus I'm mostly on freeways that are against traffic.

Did you test drive anything before you ordered or was this a sight unseen order?

Yeah we're looking at about $4.50 a gallon Premium here...stupid "California blend".

I actually just got my Audi in May and I hate it so much that I'm trading it in at a loss to get the CLA. If you know anyone who might want it, it's a lease haha

I test drove the 1 and 3 series BMW, Infiniti G50, Mercedes E, C among others. I've been able to get inside a base model CLA but nothing loaded and I wasn't able to test drive since the car was sold. None of the dealers here are able to have stock longer than a day. They're literally flying off the shelves.

P.S. Sorry to everyone for threadjacking. Promise I'll make it up with pictures and videos when I get the car haha
No worries, it's definitely on topic.

What kind of Audi are you selling, maybe someone wants it -- that said, why do you hate it? :)

I've heard that definitely that Cali's inventory is very low. Really based on population density plus the car was expected to be far more popular out there, climate, etc. We have some EU members that have CLA's in hand but they are a bit different, and a few that have accepted delivery of other CLA's that you could probe if you want some info, although sounds like you're only a few days away from your new pride and joy anyway.

Did the CLA cost you more in insurance than the Audi did?

Hey Joe, so its a 2013 Audi A6 2.0T Premium Plus. Almost all the bells and whistles, MSRP of $52,250. It's only got 5k miles on it and there's 35 months left on the lease. Oolong Grey outside, limited production Titanium Grey inside (had to custom order that).

I dont like it because it's counterintuitive. The MMI system is a disaster, especially coming from a 2012 C250. The drive is louder than my C class...which is strange going "up" in the luxury segment. That being said, it drives well. It's just...not for me. The car's gorgeous - shame that it didn't meet my expectations.

For insurance, I told State Farm that I was switching cars this weekend. They weren't able to give me a quote, but it should be around the same as a C class they said.
Most newer cars, especially German are lower on thefts. I've left my A6 out on Skid Row and in "the hood" many times with no problems. But the Honda Accord in front of me got its wheels jacked. Just do your due diligence by locking up your car and using wheel locks too. I think that's what it really boils down to.
Third most popular stolen car:
Audi A4 - In Photos: New Cars With The Highest Theft Rates - Forbes

Claim frequency: 0.4 units per 1,000 insured vehicle years; average loss payment per claim: $13,803.
ah interesting. good thing I didn't get an A4.

I think the biggest reason behind it though is that the A4's use basic VW security systems...
Could always leave it outside in a bad area kowyzg0moo, and see if someone takes it.. get the insurance, and get your new CLA!

Evil.. I know.
you know, that sounds terrible. but i've sometimes had dreams where I got into a terrible accident, got paid out and they gave me a CLA 45 AMG.

it happened twice now haha i guess that Superbowl ad really got into my head.
No more pics. All the windows are opened so I couldn't tell but I'm pretty sure the back window is not tinted.
I asked my dealer about it. If you look closely, all the windows (except the front) are slightly tinted compared to normal. You can tell this easily by standing at a 45 degree angle from the front of the car to the mirror. The side windows show a slight tint. I'm probably going to still add blacked out tint to the back windows though.
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