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CLA 250 "Launch Edition"

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Hi I am new to this site, I have reserved my CLA 250 "launch edition" which is due to arrive today or tomorrow and I wanted to know if anyone has seen this car yet? I have read about the options that come with it but not quite sure other than the unique leather seats what will be special about this one. Thoughts and or comments?

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That being said - he did mention that I would be the first person in the nation to actually have an Edition 1. We'll see if that holds true - and if it does I'll post pictures with my 5s first, and then with a DSLR so everyone can take a look.

Will keep everyone updated!
You just became very popular in my book.. don't suppose you are going to be swinging by Miami so I can check out your car?

haha I know i know. its the Mercedes effect as they say. Your friends are only friends with you because you drive a Mercedes :(
Hey hey hey.. I'm not that shallow!! I'd meet him if it meant he'd buy one of my houses that I have listed. :) :) Or the car. Ok, I AM that shallow!

1 - 3 of 55 Posts
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