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Cla 45 amg!

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Just read some news that MB will be unveiling the CLA 45 AMG at Auto Expo 2014. I admit that I love that AMG growl...

So...the question. Would you go for the CLA 45 AMG over a rare 2009 SL65 AMG ?
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Ummm.... unless I misunderstood, MB unveiled the CLA45 AMG last year at the 2013 NY International Auto Show. I saw it in person. Some even have one in their drive way already. Did you mean the GLA45 AMG? That has yet to be seen in NA although pictures of it is all over the internet.
I'm gonna have to check my sources...feeling a bit less than smart now. Thanks for the correction. :eek:
Still looking forward to the day when we'll see a comparison between the CLA45AMG, Audi S3 Sedan & BMW M2 Gran Coupe.
Well now you've got me I went and had a wee look around on the interweb. I found a couple of decent sites to compare cars...not always exactly the model you want, but it gives you a starting point anyway.

One of the best ones I found was

Hope this helps! :)
auto123 is great.
even Kelly Blue Book is great, they have specific pages with just about everything you need to know on the cars
Does Kelly Blue Book have a comparison feature?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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