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CLA 45 Configurator up

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configurator for the CLA 45 is up and running on Mercedes Canadian website, checked MBUSA and had no luck...

Mercedes-Benz Canada - Configurator - CLA Configurator

theres also a colourizer up on AMGs website, but no build and prce options, just colour and rim tweaks allowed...

Mercedes-AMG: CLA 45 AMG

probably some good consolation considering those of you ordering CLA 45s wont be having them until a year from now...
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MBUSA has a CLA configurator just not with an option to build a CLA 45. The Canadian offers the option for some reason, the AMG colourizer is actually alot of fun, you get to see each wheel combo with all the different colors. Northern Lights is so pretty...
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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