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CLA 45 Night Black / Black 19 rims and a naked chick...

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haha the title autofilled from another cla forum i just posted...sorry, not naked chick...but my CLA45 looks sexy.

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Lolol no naked chick. Yes, the shot was stronger in black and white.

No aftermarket mods yet in these shots. 20 inch HRE wheels are being made, kw v3 coilovers in the mail from Germany. Debating still on going all matte black with a dip. Performance mod? I'm waiting to see how the market goes and after some others experiment. No rush to up the ponies as I'm thoroughly happy... For now. Def in the future though.
Hey Todd, you cafe racer that Bonnie? I'm seriously considering that as a project this year.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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