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CLA 45 Racing Live from Frankfurt

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says Mercedes:

"Given sufficient demand, the near-series CLA 45 AMG Racing Series could enter various international race series," Mercedes-Benz said. "The engine output and power transmission are variable, with permanent all-wheel drive or purely front-wheel drive possible as in the standard version."

"The CLA 45 AMG Racing Series demonstrates our desire to further increase our commitment to customer motorsport. We are also seeking to offer interested customer teams a competitive, near-standard racing car with an excellent level of safety in the popular four-cylinder segment."

the CLA 45 racecar owned by privateer teams will enter international race series, such as national brand-specific trophies or the German VLN series.

Maybe, MAYBEE the CLA 45 Race Series helps to spawn a future CLA 45 Black Series????
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The body kit on the front of that is a bit over the top I would say. It makes the CLA have basically no ground clearance and it also makes me feel like it could be used as a snow plow in a pinch. I get that its part of the look, but I would say no thank you. I like the Dunlop tires with the blacked out rims though. It's more about how fast it goes with the upgrades, not what it looks like in the end.
Its not a street car, ground clearance is irrelevant. Actually in a race car the more ground clearance you have the slower you'll loop ;) The CLA's splitter you refer to as a snow plow is in fact functional as it helps keep the front tires stuck to the ground during high speed straights, otherwise you get front end lift which becomes a real problem for braking and turn ins, where the splitters function really shows its worth, all that front downforce plants the tires right through the turn and aloows you to get back on the power.

I'm betting the CLA Race has the CLA 45s engine underhood.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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