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CLA Black Series??

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does AMG want another model in the Benz lineup. The two CLA prototypes, one white and one black, in this video let off an interesting whistle at the top end of the power band, either from the turbo or the exhaust.

This is pure speculation but this video could be showing a test mule for another engine, some sort of racing spec CLA or its a Black Series version of the CLA 45 AMG. Could they really crank more power out of that 2L Turbo 4?

Most plausible is its an overboost function.

Also, if you look closely the White CLA has a full roll cage installed...

what do you gguys think?
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It would most likely be a black edition of the 45 AMG.

Maybe a bit more power? Lighter weight? A bit more hardcore racecar?
They could fit a larger turbocharger to the black series AMG and tune the 4Matic to be more rear bias.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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