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CLA Coupe?

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Anyone up for a CLA coupe? It would make sense for Mercedes to explore the option. Consider that BMW is developing the 2 series GC to compete with the CLA, yet the 2 series also has a vicious RWD coupe variant. So even if a CLA coupe were to make its way into the fold it would essentially be left to limp into battle with the BMW.

But enough wide eyed speculation, here are the renderings...

I could do with a little more rake from the back glass, and longer towards rear. something more fastback, along the lines of the new 4 series with a short deck. Or a coupe/hatch kind of medley like so...

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the CLA is a coupe because thats what the marketeers dubbed it, otherwise it is a small sedan like the Corolla is a small sedan... Roofline be dammed, coupes have 2 doors, and true coupes only have 2 seats, why do you think coupe sounds like couple...

Why does the CLA need a coupe? because the 2 series is going to eat its lunch

2 coupe

and the 2 sedan, er GC

the roof doesnt have to be lower but the c pillars need to be stretched further towards the truck, give it a fastbackish look
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Regardless of whether the CLA is truly a coupe or not, I don't think it needs a two door version. The CLA already looks great as it is, and like I said before, the back seat space is already lacking space, and taking away the back doors would just make it feel even more cramped.

If you don't care at all about your back seat than why not get a little roadster instead?
because roadsters aren't suitable for daily duty. LOL what coupe hasnt suffered from that complaint. The 2 series is cramped in the back yet people buy them, the 4 series is cramped in the back. The Mustang is cramped in the back.. you can see what im getting at.

Look Mercedes wants to be the top luxury maker again, theyre not going to get there by not giving people what they want..

besides they're doing a shooting brake version why stop at a coupe?

Every other mercedes sedan has a 2 door coupe variant of it....

LOL are you guys really saying a cheap mercedes coupe wouldnt sell? you guys dont remember these?

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