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A place to put dealer convos and price quotes for the entire community to share and discuss.

I spoke with the folks over at Mercedes-Benz of Laguna Niguel this past weekend just to discuss some preliminaries about the CLA, mainly what sort of range lease payments are going to fall into... Sales rep said I'm looking at over $500/mo... you can get into a C-Class for $350-400/mo... for a car Mercedes has made a big hype about appealing to the younger generation of up and coming mercedes clients $500/mo seems STEEP.... If people weren't buying C-Classes why would they buy CLA's???

Keep in mind that is with no money down, I almost always refuse to put money down on leases, especially because I've never finished a lease off yet. Would consider putting $5k down if i drive the CLA and fall stone cold in love...
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