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Mercedes is scurrying into alternative powered vehicles, recent news indicates a plan for large scale expansion of Hybrid tech throughout the Mercedes lineup.

Mercedes hasn't revealed many details about its hybrid system but they did say it will be compatible with 4 cyls and V6s in both petrol and diesel setup.

The first new hybrid will be the S-Class Plug in Hybrid, but expect a hybrid system to show up in the A-class, CLA and GLA.

how many of you would go for a CLA hyb?
Back seat leg room has already been brought up as an issue in reviews I have seen,and i know that batteries are often stored around where the back seat is which decreases leg room. I'm not sure if I want a car that no one can sit in the back seat in. At that point I could just buy a 2 seater instead.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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