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CLA or V40?

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The Volvo is quicker, quieter and better organized than the CLA...there, I said it. Seriously though, the Mercedes interior is far too cluttered and constraining, especially with the low roof line and the awkward half-tablet-rotary-powered display. While the CLA shares a similar platform as the A-Class hatchback, it still tries to present itself as a niche-looking luxury car. If I'm going to get a compact vehicle I don't want to know that it's compact while I'm driving it. If I'm going to get a compact vehicle, I'm going to get one that is very much aware that it is a compact vehicle: the Volvo V40.
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We will not be seeing the V40 here in the US. Closest comparison here in the US would be the C30 smaller than the CLA. The S60 on the other hand is my backup to the CLA
Interesting, I did not know the V40 wouldn't be over there in the States. I can't say I knew much about the S60 but it looks promising. What's the price like?
Edit: Damn, guess that means Canada won't get the V40 either..why didn't I know this before:mad:
What's the poor passenger supposed to look at? (Besides scenery)
For a volvo this is very nice, I like how they continued to keep the interior and exterior design unique to their brand and not like what other car makers offer.

But at the end of the day, it's a Volvo and the CLA is a Mercedes, saying you own a Mercedes sounds MUCH better than saying you own a Volvo. With a lot of CLA buyers to be first time MB owners, a good number of them are buying just to say "i own a MERCEDES!!!"
The V40 kind of looks like a hatchback/wagon.

Very different style vs the CLA.
The V40 kind of looks like a hatchback/wagon.

Very different style vs the CLA.
Yea it's more so a direct A-Class competitor, but depending where you live, if the A-Class isn't available, then this can be compared to the CLA to some extent.
How can you compare a beauty like CLA with the boring volvo? We have it as a company car and sorry to say so but I consider it worse than a VW Golf..
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