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CLA Test Drive: Eco vs Sport

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Took the CLA for a boot yesterday, still not fully sold but here are a few observations...

  • ECO mode is a joke. Stop start is jerky and downright annoying.
  • Sport mode is quite peppy and the flippers move you up and down easily enough, still want the third pedal but thats moot at this point.
  • Got it up to 60 mph quick enough, was well on my way past 100 before the salesboy lost his head and asked me to please slow down.
  • The turbo is powerful enough to feel V6ish yet there's no mistaking the FWD, torque steer isnt a problem per se but you can definitely feel the CLA grab the wheel from you.
  • As some of the others have mentioned, the CLA is narrow.

Trying to get some more seat time with it but my dealer has a pretty full roster of test drives... Would like to get into a 4Matic equipped CLA and see if that changes anything..
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by popular demand....

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TIEN coils, state 2 clutch, 3 inch header pipe each side, and those Brides are COMFORT... its an '03 i picked it in '07, Put about $8K into it since.

I dont know how much i would do to the CLA, If i do get it I'd like it to be a little more gown up than my 350... Wheels definitely, but Mercedes have never seemed to me a tinkerers car..
Very true, most MB's are relatively stock, nothing extreme. At least you can have a CLA daily driver and your 350z fun car, great mix of things to have.
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