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CLA Test Drive: Eco vs Sport

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Took the CLA for a boot yesterday, still not fully sold but here are a few observations...

  • ECO mode is a joke. Stop start is jerky and downright annoying.
  • Sport mode is quite peppy and the flippers move you up and down easily enough, still want the third pedal but thats moot at this point.
  • Got it up to 60 mph quick enough, was well on my way past 100 before the salesboy lost his head and asked me to please slow down.
  • The turbo is powerful enough to feel V6ish yet there's no mistaking the FWD, torque steer isnt a problem per se but you can definitely feel the CLA grab the wheel from you.
  • As some of the others have mentioned, the CLA is narrow.

Trying to get some more seat time with it but my dealer has a pretty full roster of test drives... Would like to get into a 4Matic equipped CLA and see if that changes anything..
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I'm a big Nissan fan, mind posting up some pics of the 350Z? I have a feeling from your love of cars that it's probably pretty pimped out.

x2, would love to see what he did.
I think it's just natural for someone into the CLA to like a car like the 350Z.
Would be interesting to see what his is like, just to get an idea of what he may do to the CLA.
yea thats what I'm thinking, at the $30K starting for the CLA there are plenty of cheaper and faster options one could pickup with change left over to grab a few go fast goodies. Plus Mercedes are notoriously complicated to work on, not something your average wrench could or should fiddle with in the driveway.

I think the CLA is targeting those that have grown out of their boy racer phase, Acura still makes the ILX for that type of gig....
Yup, CLA compared to the ILX, the CLA is a step up, the more mature crowd will be in the CLA or at least those that can afford it. The rest will get an ILX or even worse a Verano.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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