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CLA Test Drive: Eco vs Sport

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Took the CLA for a boot yesterday, still not fully sold but here are a few observations...

  • ECO mode is a joke. Stop start is jerky and downright annoying.
  • Sport mode is quite peppy and the flippers move you up and down easily enough, still want the third pedal but thats moot at this point.
  • Got it up to 60 mph quick enough, was well on my way past 100 before the salesboy lost his head and asked me to please slow down.
  • The turbo is powerful enough to feel V6ish yet there's no mistaking the FWD, torque steer isnt a problem per se but you can definitely feel the CLA grab the wheel from you.
  • As some of the others have mentioned, the CLA is narrow.

Trying to get some more seat time with it but my dealer has a pretty full roster of test drives... Would like to get into a 4Matic equipped CLA and see if that changes anything..
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I remember test driving a BMW 330xi when they first came out in the early 2000's. The BMW salesman had a side road that he took me on to do emergency braking tests, and to take the car up to 100mph without fear of many cops. It was a factory area, no school zones, or anything risky. Surprised the salesboy told you to slow down.. unless you were really pushing it. :)

What would it take to get you sold on it, price? Or are the modes just not fun enough?

I am Jeff Gordon with a mustache;) no nothing like that, he said he didnt want me beating on the car while it was so new. Fine by me, that's the only reason I was flogging it, not mine. Plus there were a few other cars coming and the demo CLA had the dealers name stickered across the back glass..

Its not the price that's going to break it for me its going to be what else could i get at that price.. I'm single so 4 door vs 2 door doesnt mean much to me, neither does cargo space. Its golf clubs and a suitcase max.

The Sport mode is fun, but like i said every now and then the CLA reminds you its FWD. RWD, Its just my thing, I grew up driving my dads pickups and the fist car i ever bought was a Foxbody Mustang and right now i'm in a 350Z. Was interested in the CLA because its a little more grown up than the 350Z, but hey man i still like to have fun behind the wheel.

I'm also shopping the ATS and the 2 series. I don't have to be out of the 350, its mine, so I'm comfortable exploring the different models. I'd really like some time in a CLA 45, but getting a test spin in one of those is like asking to sit down with the pope...

I'm a big Nissan fan, mind posting up some pics of the 350Z? I have a feeling from your love of cars that it's probably pretty pimped out.

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