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Cla250 mileage?

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Hey forum! I'm new here. I got my cla250 2 weeks ago and I am completely loving it. One of the reasons why I went with this car was because of the great mileage at 26/38.

As I drive about 22 miles a day (11 to go to work and 11 to go home; on the freeway) I notice my gas line going down when I look at it at random times. It'll drop like estimate 3 millimeters by the time I arrive to work which is only 11 miles and on highway I should get about 38 miles to the gallon. I drive on Efficient mode, I don't floor it or drive all crazy.

Is this normal? How is everybody else's mileage lasting them?
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Changes in incline (either on the road or parked) can account for needle fluctuation. It may also lag, meaning you may not notice a change until you've been on or off the incline for a while. Also on short drives (distance-wise, not city/highway) you may expect lower mpg since more of your drive is with a cold engine. A cold engine uses more fuel. Lastly, an engine not broken in also uses more fuel.
I never get close to the estimated EPA MPG in any car. The worst was my pig 06 SRT Jeep I never got above 14 mpg due to my heavy foot.
A SRT Grand Cherokee? I'd be happy to be getting above single digits. :p
Update: After having the dealr fix the CEL that came on ( Engine computer software upgrade) now I only get 32, on highway where I used to get 40+ consistently.

WTF? This makes this car un-workable for me.
That means, in all likelihood, they just fixed your car. You didn't really think you would be getting HIGHER than the EPA rating did you? All that means is your calculations were wrong to begin with. Why would it be unworkable if it wasn't getting 40+mpg? The car was never rated for that to begin with.
I still wouldn't expect better than rated mpg, even if other people report it. Everyone drives different, in different environments. When I feel like I'm driving eco, I can get 4-5 mpg above my car's highway mpg in city driving. But that's more stressful than it is ever worth. It's a ballpark number, not something to hang your hat on. Are you using more juice (more radio, heated seats, heater, AC)? How often is that turbo kicking in? And how much stuff are you carrying? In a small car even 25-50 lbs can make a noticeable difference. And are your tires now overinflated from the ambient temperature increase, which will change the distance traveled measured on the odometer and give you an artificially lower distance. Don't forget that unless you use nitrogen in your tires the pressure goes up a lot after a wee bit of driving, even if the cold pressure is per specs. I routinely add 5-15 miles to the math at each fillup when I calculate. I did the math on several long trips and noticed a noticeable difference in odometer mileage versus map mileage.
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