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Cla250 mileage?

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Hey forum! I'm new here. I got my cla250 2 weeks ago and I am completely loving it. One of the reasons why I went with this car was because of the great mileage at 26/38.

As I drive about 22 miles a day (11 to go to work and 11 to go home; on the freeway) I notice my gas line going down when I look at it at random times. It'll drop like estimate 3 millimeters by the time I arrive to work which is only 11 miles and on highway I should get about 38 miles to the gallon. I drive on Efficient mode, I don't floor it or drive all crazy.

Is this normal? How is everybody else's mileage lasting them?
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I find much depends on driving style and speed.

Winter driving, tires inflated to 38PSI, stock Pirelly 17" all seasons
If I keep it under 65, I can get better than 40mpg highway driving, using ECO, and premium gasoline ( 93oct USA). I get 38mpg under 75, and 34mpg under 85.
(Driving like my grandmother)
If I switch to Sport, or drive aggressively, all bets are off. 30-34mgp highway maybe.

I tried 89 octane mid-grade gas, lost a couple of mpg. so concluded that 93 is the way to go. Fuel economy has been like I outline above after I got over the first 1000 miles.

I used to be a fan of manual trannys, on this car I just can't bother.
On another car I would be able to hear when to shift.
This car is so quiet, and has such a wide power /torque band, that there is almost no audio feedback indicating that the car is in the wrong gear..
You could be 2 gears off from optimal and the car would still run and you may not hear it.
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Update: After having the dealr fix the CEL that came on ( Engine computer software upgrade) now I only get 32, on highway where I used to get 40+ consistently.

WTF? This makes this car un-workable for me.
The EPA highway mpg on this car is 38. Driven on long highway trips, and flat terrain I should be able to get that, and I was indeed getting better than that. Lots of other folks get better than 40 hwy mpg, see the mpg thread here on this thread.
It depends on speed mostly.

The trip computer is/was accurate, I verified at fill-up time. I do a lot of miles per year, the EPA mpg was a major factor in the buying decision.
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