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Cla250 mileage?

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Hey forum! I'm new here. I got my cla250 2 weeks ago and I am completely loving it. One of the reasons why I went with this car was because of the great mileage at 26/38.

As I drive about 22 miles a day (11 to go to work and 11 to go home; on the freeway) I notice my gas line going down when I look at it at random times. It'll drop like estimate 3 millimeters by the time I arrive to work which is only 11 miles and on highway I should get about 38 miles to the gallon. I drive on Efficient mode, I don't floor it or drive all crazy.

Is this normal? How is everybody else's mileage lasting them?
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Averaging about 30 MPG. Driving a mix of backroads and highway to get to work. MPH averaging about 38. I expect with warmer weather and further engine break in MPG will bump up to 32. A few highway trips have yielded 33 MPG. So i think the EPA estimates are on target.
Getting around 400 miles +/- 10 per tankful driving in eco mode with engine shutoff off. Driving a mix of highway and rural. 34-37 MPG.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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