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Cla250 mileage?

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Hey forum! I'm new here. I got my cla250 2 weeks ago and I am completely loving it. One of the reasons why I went with this car was because of the great mileage at 26/38.

As I drive about 22 miles a day (11 to go to work and 11 to go home; on the freeway) I notice my gas line going down when I look at it at random times. It'll drop like estimate 3 millimeters by the time I arrive to work which is only 11 miles and on highway I should get about 38 miles to the gallon. I drive on Efficient mode, I don't floor it or drive all crazy.

Is this normal? How is everybody else's mileage lasting them?
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Hard to tell what kind of efficiency you're getting from watching the needle. Try doing some pump measurements to get your miles per tank.
So many factors involved in getting the best mileage. Best thing I can recommend is get a short ram intake so you're breathing warmer air and maximize your tire pressure. Also lay off the brake. Killing momentum kills efficiency so try letting go of the gas when you think there will be brake tapping instead of trying to draft someone and slamming on your brakes. No drafting a car does not improve mileage.
Let go of the gas when exiting off ramps too and slow to a stop instead of riding the gas until you stop. Most of the time the light will turn green so you won't need to do a complete stop.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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