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CLA250 needed in CT

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Anyone in the CT, MA, RI, NY area and have a CLA250 we can take a look at?
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Well put BenzFan. My CLA E1 is in CT and would love to know what it would be used for or what would be entailed in the "look at".
Would be interesting to see what they can get out of the 250. I had a Stage 3 put into my BMW 135i and it achieved a claimed 390 Hp and 429 lbs ft of torque. I also dumped the secondary cats on my Cayenne Turbo as well as put in a lightweight Fabspeed muffler on the Cayenne and a cat back sans muffler on my 993 Turbo. Marginal gains in Hp but faster spool up on both.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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