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CLA Colors

I have not seen a CLA in Cosmos Black. Does anyone know if the metal flake is pronounced like on the Mountain Gray or subtle like on the Obsidian Black of other Benzes? Also, what about the Polar much metallic?

Why is it that no one else objects about the color palate not matching the rest of the Mercedes line? Where is the Diamond White? The Lunar Blue? The Steel Gray and Palladium Silver? I feel like I am being presented with Ford and Toyota choices here! A far cry from premium!

Why does Mercedes stick the US market with the same color palate as it does for the European market? Each market has distinct tastes and other American models from competing brands...European and Japanese as well as American...have a far more sophisticated color offering than the CLA does. No one finds this unsettling when looking at such a beautiful car? The color standard does not meet the design quality!​
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