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I have a problem with my CLA "leaking" coolant. Actually, as I drive it around it is fine, but then after the car reaches operating temperature, it will belch out coolant. Quite a bit and usually when I stop - at least that is when I notice it. Usually before I stop I also get a "low coolant warning."

Now, a little background. I have had a coolant leak for a while, but it was a slow leak that I isolated to the turbo coolant hoses. I replaced the o-ring on this hose and it seems to be working fine - this is NOT where the new "leak" is coming from.

The car has yet to overheat and doesn't appear headed that way, although so far my test drives have been short. The coolant "leak" seems to be low on the left, rear of the motor - or at least that is where I can see coolant on the bottom plastic.

My initial thought is that during my repair, I introduced a bubble into the system and as that air works out, it is causing a belch of coolant to come out. But honestly, at this point I am unsure. Any help would be appreciated!
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