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Design Comparison: 2014 Mercedes CLA vs. 2013 BMW 3-Series

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2014 Mercedes CLA vs. 2013 BMW 3-Series

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You have to give a nod to BMW for designing a classy looking car.

But I'm happy to say that the CLA is way nicer looking. It's more more aggressive and doesn't look as much like the old mans car that the BMW is aiming for.
this thread just made it harder to decide if I want the mercedes cla!!

BMW has done an amazing job with the F30 BMW 3-series line up (hope I got that chassis right), from design to performance to features. I think a lot of people considering the mercedes cla sedan will also highly consider a 2013 BMW 3-series due to price.

between the two in their lowest trims, i think it'll come down to what brand you prefer.
The proportions of the 3 series are awkward from the side. The CLA is the best Mercedes design since the original SLK.
I dont like what they did to the new 3 series. The new snout or front end is not appealing to me theres to much going on. And comparing to two rear ends the CLA just looks more interesting not to mention the taillight look amazing. Everything just goes together proportionally.
The CLA is the sleeker and sexier of the two. The BMW 3 class is the more noble and classy design.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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