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Did you lease or buy to own?

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Hello, Im interested in the CLA250 and it would be my first benz / luxury car. I noticed in pricing section, majority of you leased your CLA. I was wondering why is that? Is it better to lease a euro / luxury brand? Will maintenance on a benz be overly expensive after its 3-5yr (whatever it is) warranty?

I hope to hear did you lease or buy to own your new CLA? And why did you decide to go that route? Hopefully your opinion will help me decide the best route for me! :D thank you all!
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I am buying. I plan on keeping the car for a while (for than 5 years) and when I'm done with it I am probably going to hand it down to my brother. Personally I don't plan on ever going through cars fast enough to make a lease a smart option (of course, I've not had many cars so we'll see). But I get attached. Maintenance costs is reasonable to me. I don't buy European cars expecting to pay Korean prices. I won't buy British or Italian, but German is reasonable enough. That said, I'm buying a CLA45. So my idea of reasonable is a bit different.

Also I get the impression that AMGs aren't commonly leased. When I was ordering mine I remember being asked if I was going to finance it, not whether I was going to lease or finance it.
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